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A SMILE is a curved line that often straightens things out.

This is a colorful, highly decorated office. No empty, monotonous, plain walls here.

* A cookie-cutter generic WEBSITE would have glamorized Cheshire-Cat smiling photos of the dentists, listing their interests and families...and then a group photo of the staff...and one or many often-contrived testimonials.

Instead, our focus is on the well-being of the fascinating, attractive, sometimes charming, and enchanting PEOPLE that we are blessed to serve. Our focus is about them, not us. We want to hear about patients' lives, hobbies, goals, concerns, happiness, and comfort. We want to help people have good-looking, trouble-free, healthy smiles, for confidence and high self-esteem.

Awards -

After close scrutiny by top professors for 4 years in dental school, the two dentists here were asked to join the Honor Society. Also, they EACH received two of the one out of 108 and 112 graduates' highest awards. Two awards were for "Outstanding Ability" and "Meritorious Achievement", the other two were "Quintessence" (most skillful) and exemplifying most the qualities of kindness, ethics, and humanitarianism. They both went on for further training before returning to Caroll County.

1901 -

Ed Myers and his brother, Jesse, left the farm in New Windsor and graduated from dental school in 1901. Ed's son, Richard (1914-1999) was literally a legend in his time...a glory in his day! We give thanks for his life and work. We can close our eyes and remember...a master craftsman and a deeply caring humanitarian - we cannot fill those shoes, but we's a tryin' our darndest!

"An apprentice that fails to surpass the master, fails the master."

Unknown patients (NEW) -

...are not given preferential treatment over cherished long-supporting patients, especially since people are evolving to be newer and renewed constantly. Every day's a new day! Everybody's NEW!

Mr. Tooth Decay -

We try to remove all the tooth decay (caries). Some "Speed dentists" admit they do not. Tooth decay can continue to progress under fillings, until the tooth gets in a lot of trouble - Commerce without morality is vexing to the spirit!


After searching many dental courses for lecturers to emulate, the real heroes are found...IN the dental offices, working directly with patients. The assisting and administrative staff are really listening to people's needs and desires. Staff members work as long and as hard as the dentists, or more...ardently, passionately, compassionately, full-of-grace, and mercy. They are a wonderful, excellent, admirable group of caring hard-working Champions striving for high ideals. They are advocates for the patient and advise the dentist constantly.

Only one man in 1,000 is a leader of men. The other 999 follow women. (tee hee!)

Low turnover rate:
The staff asked that this be noted. Proven career people, not just temporary Junebugs. They manufacture


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